Whether you are a businessperson or an employee, the term chartered accountant is likely not new to you. In fact, a cursory look around will reveal to you as to how many chartered accountant firms in UAE are working in different sectors. There is no denying that chartered accountants bring a lot of versatility to your business. It is true that with a chartered accountant on your side, your business is immune against most financial anomalies. However, if you are left wondering that perhaps all chartered accountant firms are equally professional and versatile, this is not the case. Therefore, which one to choose and where to look for one; both questions are quite legitimate and pertinent to your situation. Here is more on what you should know before hiring one of the most reputable auditors in Dubai:


Authenticity And Market Reputation

As with most things in life where you check the reputation before buying, or hiring, try the same rule while hiring an auditor. Look around you and explore as many options as possible. Do inquiries and ask your peers and colleagues if they ever hired an auditor or an auditing firm. Always look forward towards following their suggestions but do not decide until you are absolutely sure about one. In other words, it is important to pay heed to any suggestion that might be coming your way but do not shortlist any of them until you have exhausted all your options.


If you were one of those individuals who tend to check the credentials of everyone, you would surely do the needful here too. However, if you tend to trust others easily, it is time to revisit your habit. You will likely pay a decent amount to the firm or accountant you are looking to hire, so there should be no room for any compromises. In addition, since your chartered accountant will save the day for your company through various means, it makes sense to inquire about them until you are satisfied. Shortlist only those candidates who have proper and valid licenses to operate in your area. Do not fall for those who claim they have applied for licenses and will get one in due course.

Doing so will likely drag you into a trap where a fake or fraudulent accountant will end up consuming heavy fees against questionable services.