The industry of translation services is broad and vast. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not just about translating one document to another language. Some of these include technical translation services that serve certain kind of professionals and companies who are in need of different kind of translation job.

Here are some technical translation services that you need to know and might need in the future:

  • Medical translation services

Medical translation service refers to translations of certain medical and scientific documents for medical use or otherwise. The scope would include translation of clinical trials and protocols, production materials, documents related to scientific journals, and toxicology reports. Medical translations require a high level of skill as this not just translating the document but also ensure that the message from the original document is accurately translated literally and contextually for the intended readers.


  • Legal translation services

Legal documents are being translated for legal use of law professionals, legal experts, and common people. Documents such as summons, warrants, legal contracts and corporate laws and statutes can be translated for legal purposes. Like medical translations, legal documents should be translated with clarity and outmost precision since it will be used of lawful and legal basis. A single missing detail might compromise the document translated.


  • Juridical translation services

Juridical translation is different from legal translation. Although they both deal with laws, juridical translation focuses more on court documents such as minutes of interrogation and proceedings, depositions, and rogatory letters. But same goes with legal translation, accuracy of the details are being checked thoroughly as these are legal documents used by justices and court personnel. One mistake will invalidate the whole context of the documents regardless of the literal translation.


  • Financial translation services

In financial reports, number speaks from themselves. But the insight and how the numbers came about should be understood clearly by the readers, local and foreign. This holds true for companies who have branches overseas or dealing with foreign investors. A well-made and excellently translated report would maintain good rapport between the company and foreign stakeholders.


  • Literary translation services

Literary translation is considered as one of the hardest translation service as it should deal not only with the literal translation of the manuscript but also with the style of the author. The translator should be able to capture the writing style of the author and maintain the semantic context of the literary work.

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