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5 Interior Design Hacks To Refresh Your Office Space

For most people, their time in their office space is precious. During their stay on their desks, they are trying to get important things done for the betterment of the business. But oftentimes, the space can make them feel like a prisoner. The routinely environment can make the space look like a prison cell.

But there is a way to change that. A luxury interior design company in Dubai shared some interior design refresh tips that can transform your office space into an outstanding workplace:

  • Keep it smelling nice

Interior design is not just about the look of the space. An excellent interior design should be able to stimulate all the senses, including the sense of smell. So, when you feel trapped inside your office space, try to change up the environment by making smell nice. An aromatherapy candle or a humidifier can instantly change the way you feel about the space. Choose a scent that can invigorate the feeling. Choosing something citrusy might give you some zest.

  • Personalize the space

One of the reasons why some office spaces feel like a prison cell is because they look like one. If you feel a bit constricted due to the lack of design, try to spice up your office space by personalizing your workplace. Put in accents that speak of your personality and character. But do not overdo it. You need to keep in mind that the purpose of the space is to accomplish some work. If you put too many personal ornaments in the space, it can cause distraction at work.

  • Let go of the traditional design

There was a time when traditional design was a hit amongst business owners as it speaks of the level of professionalism they provide to their clients. But, experts in office interior design in Dubai found a way to incorporate modern trends to the core values of the company. So try to be a little experimental when it comes to your office design.

  • Be creative with your alternatives

Office equipment like whiteboards might be practical but it might not complement the office interior design that you want to achieve. Instead of sticking to these traditional equipment, why not try to replace them with creative alternatives. For instance, in case of white boards, try to use clear glass installations. It can serve as your design accent and as your white board as well.

  • Keep it fresh

One of the reasons why some office space seems bland is because there is a lack of green elements in the space. The presence of plants can help give the space a renewed perspective and a sense of freshness.

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Pay attention to these factors when hiring an architectural design company

Are you interested in renovating or reconstructing your house? While that is surely an amazing initiative, things could turn into a disaster if you make any mistakes and hire the wrong architectural design company. The fact is that you have worked hard and saved so much money in order to get your house renovated or reconstructed. As a priority in your life and something that you have long waited for, it is necessary for you to make sure that only the most professional architecture companies in Dubai get to work on it.

To make things easier for you, and to help you hire the best architecture and interior design company for your project, here’s a look into a few elements that require your attention during the hiring process:

How experienced are they?

Before anything else, it is necessary for you to consider the overall experience of the firm that you are interested in hiring. How can you trust an architecture and design firm to work on your project without knowing about its experience? It is necessary for you to acquire detailed information about the different projects that the company has worked on so as to assess their experience. It is best for you to take on the services of a company that has been in the market for at least five years and has experience in working on different types of projects.

Have you been through their portfolio?

It is necessary for you to go through the portfolio of the company that you are hiring. This holds true for both architecture companies and interior design consultants in Dubai. Going through the portfolio of your chosen company will make it possible for you to learn about the sorts of projects that they have worked on and how efficient and professional they are.

Did you go through client feedback?

Another step that you must necessarily take when taking on the services of architecture and interior design companies is that of going through their reviews and client feedback. For this, it is highly recommended for you to browse through the internet and go through different forums to check out the reviews their previous clients have left for them. Going through the feedback they have received will make it possible for you to acquire information about how professionally the company fulfilled projects. It will also help you find out how the company dealt with issues and hurdles that may have come up during the projects.

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Things To Avoid Before Finding An Office Interior Design Company

So far we have discussed some useful tips about what to do to find the fit out experts and interior designers to fulfill your needs. We touched both residential as well as customers to some extent. The idea was simply to provide you at least some insight into how it works, why people are more inclined towards style and trend instead longevity and reliability to name a few. Now, here we will try to explain things to you that many of us often overlook and eventually pay for it. There is no denying that Dubai is home to some of the best commercial as well as well as residential services in the world. It is one of the reasons why people turn to Dubai to get in touch with such services and get them the moment negotiations are over.

If you operate from Dubai, and have an office there, you might eventually need to revamp or totally upgrade your office interior design in Dubai. When it comes to usability, you need not to worry about anything. However, as far as reputation and reliability is concerned, you may need to get a little concerned, and for a good reason. The fact is that office interior design is a little more specific and strict in terms of functionality, usability and aesthetics. Here is more on why you need to practice some caution to get the best office design for your needs:

Stick To The Basics

Office interior design is serious business, just as everything else. Here, your office interior design is going to leave a lasting impact on clients, customers and business partners. They’ll come and visit the place and would love to see it shiny and crispy. Instead, if they saw it becoming a rotting mess of age old rusty and termite infested furniture, a pale looking carpet and century old paintings over the walls, they’ll not leave with a positive impression. To be honest, you just lost a few clients and customers then and there. It is time to repair the damage. In this case at least, this means you need to get your hands on a proficient, skillful and well reputed office interior designer. In fact, the sooner you get one the better. Eventually, you need to discuss matters and get things done so that you could get them to the work in the shortest possible time.

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Modern Design Trends You Can Apply To Your Business Space

Businesses today are taking the modern route not just with their ideologies, but with the spaces they are working in. Aside from the aesthetic value, there are lots of advantages in converting your old office to a modern workstation.

If you are looking forward to having your old space revamped with a modern twist, these design concepts might be the ideal ones for your office space:

  • Eco-friendly spaces

Business owners nowadays are putting emphasis on the importance of environment. To be able to contribute to the environment without losing its business value, business owners are converting their old workspace to an eco-friendly business space. And not just about the office look, but with the overall business operations coordinated to it.  In fact, a lot of customers are giving eco-friendly business a plus points and usually attract those environment-conscious target audience. Converting your workspace to a green space is a win-win for all.


  • Out-of-this-world design

Gone are the days when business owners were creatively restraining themselves and their workspace. Today, business spaces are pulsing with creativity. Entrepreneurs are employing interior design companies in Dubai to make their business space as creative and an authentic as possible. The outrageous design is sure to attract attention of many. But with all the flare and sparkle, designers should not forget to incorporate the branding on the design. In fact, it should be the main theme of the whole concept.


  • Adjustable workspace

Permanency breeds contempt, especially with the interior design. Back then, permanency is all the rage in office space. All are installed and fixed to stay in a certain area for as long as the business is running. But today, space fluidity is given emphasis and business owners recognize that freedom in movement can be a big factor in office productivity. So designers are creating flexible designs to promote such concept.


  • Open workspaces

Open working space concept has become a thing back in 2015 and it still is something that many business owners adapt to. Walls and dividers restrict collaboration. However, this can impede the growth of one’s company. To be able to help employees connect, open working spaces are being used and promoted in different companies.


  • Large-scale geometric patterns

For traditional business owners, patterns are a bit tacky for their taste. But with the right concept, it can be a great design component in any space. Big geometric patterns are being used in modern office designs today. But at the end of the day, it should be connected with the branding and company concept. Using it sparingly can ruin the look.

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Modular kitchen design tips

a lot of people wonder what a modular kitchen design is all about. The fact of the matter is that you have probably seen one of these already, but didn’t know what they are called. For those who don’t know, this is basically a style of kitchen furniture that entails the utilization of several cabinet units that are meant to be used for different purposes. There are countless colors and materials for you to choose from so you can easily pick the ones that best suit your style and taste. If anything, these can play an immense role in helping you remodel your kitchen.

If truth be told, kitchen improvements do not come easy. This is because there are so many options out there that choosing the ones that are best for you can become rather difficult. For this reason, there are certain tips and guidelines that you should follow to make sure that you are headed in the right direction in terms of designing your modular kitchen in Dubai. Here’s a look into a few of them:

Plan things out

Before anything else, it is extremely important for you to plan things out as efficiently as possible for your kitchen design. For this, it is best that you measure your kitchen, the size of the room and the space available. See the fact of the matter is that there are countless designs, styles and shapes available for a modular kitchen, but you need to make sure that you choose the one that best matches the space available and your personal style.

Make a budget

The next thing for you to do is to formulate a budget. This is going to help you figure out the maximum amount that you are willing to spend over your kitchen. Remember, every single material being used in the renovation of your kitchen will come with a price. The formation of a budget is going to help you make sure that you do not overspend.

Consider the surrounding furniture

When it comes to design, it is extremely important for you to consider the surrounding furniture and its look and style as well. This will go a long way in terms of helping you choose the right colors and designs for your modular kitchen. The best part is that it will make sure that all the bits of furniture around your place are in sync with each other. Click here for more information.