While on the road, you must have come across a number of cars that are of an older model than yours, but much more better in looks and performance. How do their owners successfully maintain their cars in such a great condition? Is this a mystery for you? The fact is that there is no mystery behind the performance and great looks of those cars. It’s simply the care and attention that the owners of those cars give to their rides by upgrading them time to time. Following are a few tips that will help you make your car as good as new:

Upgrade brakes

Before you could move to the speed part let’s ensure it will be controlled effectively. It is highly recommended for you to upgrade your regular brake pads with EBC RED Stuff brake pads right away so you could have proper control over your car.

Keep the engine in the best working condition

If your car is not old enough, there will be no major issues with its engine and will give it’s best with regular oil change and servicing. In case you think that your engine needs overhauling,┬ádon’t waste any time to get it done to bring it back to life.

Upgrade suspension

This will not only help your car by increasing its performance significantly but also will improve its looks. For this purpose you must install coil overs and lowering springs to your car. You may also need to get new shocks for your ride for best results. H&r lowering springs will lower the body of your car which will increase its performance and driving experience by reducing the effect of air resistance to a great deal.

Paint and paint protection

If your car paint is damaged severely, get it painted. In case it just has minor scratch and stains, that will be taken care of with paint protect polish and waxing. Whereas, polish will fix all the scratches and stains and wax will provide it with sparkling shine as good as you will find on a brand new car. Moreover, you can protect your car bumpers and hoods with protection film that will protect your car bumpers for years and years.

Finally, the sky is the limit for the interior and exterior upgrades of your car. From fancy lights to exotic seat covers, you will find countless accessories to make your ride a dream car.