For those who do not know, pediatric orthopedic surgeons hold a specialty in all the different aspects associated with musculoskeletal care focused on infants, children as well as adolescents. However, the one thing that must be mentioned here that they are not merely surgeons as they specialize in nonsurgical aspects as well, including multiple conditions like skeletal deformities, musculoskeletal diseases and all other traumatic injuries that might affect children.

What diseases do pediatric orthopedic doctors treat?

There are many different diseases related to children that are treated by pediatric orthopedic doctors in Dubai. These are inclusive of cerebral palsy, metabolic disorders, spinal defomities, traumatic injuries, spina bifida, congenital foot and hip deformities, scoliosis and many others.

Given below is a look into the different conditions that orthopedic surgeons treat:

Traumatic injuries

At times children become at risk for falls and injuries. These can be caused by many different elements including animal bites, fire, chemicals and at times even violence. These injuries have the potential to trigger bodily injury, traumatic brain injury and even death in the worst cases. In case there are injuries on the shoulder, they give references of the best shoulder specialist in Dubai too. All of these are diagnosed and treated by orthopedic surgeons.

Another condition that is treated by them is that of cerebral palsy. Infants, children and adolescents can all be affected by this condition. Many different approached are taken by orthopedic surgeons in order to treat this condition. Their services are also focused on providing information to the parents of the patient about this condition as well.

Pediatric orthopedics are also known to treat a condition known as spina bifida. For those who do not know, this is a condition in which the back bone, spinal cord, the surrounding nerves as well as the fluid filled sac surrounding the spinal cord experience what can be considered as an abnormal development. With the help of a professional and top of the line pediatric orthopedic, this issue can be resolved by means of surgery. However, what must be mentioned here is that the muscle sensation and function is not guaranteed to be restored once the surgery is performed.

Another condition treated by pediatric orthopedics is known as scoliosis. In this condition, a lateral curvature takes place in the spine. The cause of this condition is not known in most cases. It typically affects children between the ages of 10 and 14. Most importantly, girls suffer from this condition the most.