Selecting a nursery for your little one can be an exhilarating yet overwhelming task. All parents wish to select the right program which is the best fit for their child, but how do you make sure that the nursery you have chosen is the right one for your little angel? While visiting potential nurseries in Dubai, we recommend that you ask some specific questions to evaluate the suitability of the preschool:

Can you tell me about the educational philosophy of the nursery?

Discovery based programs are much more popular than the ones focused primarily on practice and drill skills. While structure has a major role to play, a lot of pre-schools provide opportunities for students to make their own learning choices. When it comes to selecting the most viable nursery in Dubai for your child, you should take into account the level of openness between the family and the school. Open communication should always be maintained via parent-teacher conferences and feedback programs to keep you abreast of your child’s development and daily routines.

What is the experience and educational background of the teachers?

It is important to make sure that you are entrusting your child to a qualified and experienced staff. Ask if the teachers have experience working with a developmentally appropriate curriculum and with young children, and inquire about any training they may have received. All preschool teachers worth their salt have a firm grasp on how children grow and develop. In addition, the nursery staff and the classroom teacher should be certified in administering first aid and CPR in events of an emergency.

Are there active play opportunities for your child?

There should be plenty of opportunities offered by preschools for active play. Physical activity not only promotes well-being and health, but it is also vital for the development of your little one’s gross motor skills. Table time is also important, since it exposes your child to a host of daily fine motor activities, such as snipping paper strips, stringing beads, and even scribbling in shaving cream as a pre-writing activity. Regularly performing these tasks helps to develop the right-hand skills that children will require once they start school.

Do the children nap regularly?

A busy pre-school day takes its toll on growing tots, and they need rest at some point during the day to rejuvenate their minds and bodies. Be sure to ask the teacher about their policies on nap times. Ideally naps shouldn’t last longer than 2 hours and scheduled at the same time each day. You’ll also want to ask if the nursery provides pillows, sheets, and a nap mat. For more Details.