A majority of people are not aware of the term “Air Cargo”. Well, air cargo is an advantage that the service providers offer to the customers. Airlines to airlines, the services differ. There are companies that offer you a large set of services while there are companies that offer you fewer services.

There are many air cargo companies in Dubai that are offering the facility of air cargo. Have you ever wondered why do companies prefer air cargo? If not then here you will find the answers related to why companies prefer it

It is the fastest shipping method

When you have the parcels that need to be moved quickly then the best solution you have is of air cargo. If you compare the air cargo with the road transport of if you compare it to the sea freight then you will see that air cargo supersedes them in terms of speed.

Companies have so many documents that need to be reached quickly so, they prefer air cargo over any other shipping method. The parcels get delivered quickly.

Reliable timing

Many times, when you send a parcel through road transport, your parcel doesn’t reach on time. This thing frustrates you a lot, especially if the parcel needs to be moved quickly. When you use air cargo, you don’t have to worry about the timely delivery of the parcel as the departure and arrival times of all the flights are quite reliable.

You can send the cargo everywhere

Airlines have a quite large network; they cover almost every destination in the world. Not all the airlines have a large network but yes big airlines do have a large network. This means that you can send your shipment to every destination.

Level of security

When you send the shipment by air, you get the advantage of the perfect level of security. The operations of cargo are managed in a perfect way by the airport safety controls. So, yes there is a low risk of damage or theft.

Less packaging is needed

Another great advantage is that you need less heavy packaging when you opt for the air shipment. This means that you can easily save your time and money which you spend in doing the heavy packaging.

Sometimes you lost your luggage on your way home, you can avail the facility of luggage delivery service. It is being offered by different air cargos. One good thing is that they will deliver your luggage to your doorstep.