Glycemic Index

  Glucose is an easy sugar without the sugar molecule having the same molecular structure as glycogen. Glucose molecules can be categorized into several types. For example, simple sugars can be separated into two categories – monosaccharides and polysaccharides. Glucose can also be classified into several functional groups, including glycogen-like glycans, glycogen-sugar complexes, glycogen-like polymer […]

How to Eliminate Constipation Naturally

Causes of constipation can include a diet that is too rich in fiber   This condition causes an obstruction in the passage of food from the stomach to the intestines. The obstruction causes an uncomfortable feeling, or a burning sensation while passing stools. Sometimes, constipation can be caused by an infection in the intestinal tract, […]

What Are the Symptoms of Atelectasis?

The disease affecting millions of people is called Asperger's syndrome   Most of the people affected by the condition are between the ages of three and nine years.   Atelectasis occurs when a person experiences involuntary eye movements, most often when they are looking in the direction of light or bright objects. People with Asperger's […]

Menopause: Dealing With Menopause Symptoms

When a woman gets her first menstrual period, the body usually goes through what is known as menopause   The body has already gone through the aging process and it normally experiences the change known as menopause between the ages of twenty to forty-five. While there are a lot of things that are considered normal, […]

What Are the Possible Causes of Bell Palsy?

Bell's palsy refers to a condition in which the muscles and soft tissues of the face are affected by severe head injury or stroke. This condition is also called aphasia. Bell's palsy, also known as facial nerve palsy, is a very common type of facial nerve palsy that was once thought to be completely without […]

What Are Cervical Dystrophies?

Cervical dystonia is a neurological disorder that causes involuntary contraction or tension of the cervical muscles   This condition is usually characterized by a tingling sensation in the neck. In cervical dystrophies, the muscles of the neck contract involuntarily in response to stress or anxiety. When these contracts continue, they can cause misalignment of the […]

What Your Body Needs to Detoxify – 3 Major Parts of Your Body That Detoxify Toxins

The human body has different ways of eliminating toxins, and these methods depend on the type of toxin that needs to be eliminated. Here's a look at how your body eliminates toxins in its natural and balanced way.   The first thing your body does when it detects toxins in the bloodstream is to flush […]

Link Love Saturday #1: Chocolate-Covered Katie

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope your day is going well! 🙂 I’m happy to announce another segment coming to A Dancer’s Live-It, and this one is called “Link Love Saturday”. In these segments, I will be featuring and reviewing a blog that I enjoy reading, have recently stumbled upon, or has been a source of […]