French Silk Pie Oatmeal


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GOOD MORNING AND HAPPY FRIDAY! :) Woooooo we made it!

And yes, that’s right, we’re getting fancy here on the blog today!

But first, let me talk about my coffee:

Ahhh honestly, is there anything better than sitting down in the morning with a hot beverage in your hand that makes you feel cozy, calm, (before the caffeine kicks in), and comfortable? Sipping on a hot beverage every morning makes me happier. That’s not crazy right? :) I love it!
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Berry Chocolate Crunch Baked Oatmeal

Wow that’s a pretty wordy post title….but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with today’s recipe! :)

How is everyone’s morning so far? Happy Thursday!!

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Yup, it’s still National Porridge Week here on A Dancer’s Live-It! (Sorry to those of you who don’t like oats…)
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Creamy Coconut Oatmeal


How are you all doing so far??

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We’re pushing through the week slowly but surely, so don’t forget to smile! :)

Continuing on with National Porridge Week here on the blog, I’ve got a recipe for you that’s creamy, dreamy, and also white since winter never seems to go away!

For all you fellow east-coasters, I hope you’re staying warm and cozy!
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Lava Baked Oatmeal

Well, classes don’t start until noon here on my campus, so I just finished a lovely yoga practice and am contemplating the most important decision of the day….

What kind of oats will I eat for breakfast?!

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I thought and thought, and then it hit me: I’ve never made baked oats that have an ooey gooey center than makes you want to melt. So therefore, Lava Baked Oatmeal was calling my name!
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