Fishy Fridays: Baked Flounder with Fresh Lemon Pepper

‘Twas the Friday before Christmas and all through the store
Not a person was walking, not even to the door.
The employees were scared by the whooshes of the air
As shoppers rushed past them and flew everywhere.
Their kids were all hyper from sleeping in bed
While visions of Xbox’s danced in their head…
The workers said nothing but went straight to their work
And cashed out the customers who seemed like a jerk…
The shoppers sprang to their cars and gave out a call
And sped out of the parking lot like a flying baseball.
But you could hear them scream as they drove out of sight,
“I forgot about Dad’s gift, we have to come back tonight!!”

Happy Friday everyone. :)

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Just a little impromptu poetry about what I think Christmas shopping is all about! Black Friday is the worst though, don’t EVER go to Urban Outfitters on that night. I was trapped in a corner for about 5 minutes in the Clearance section and I kind of just let it happen, what can you do right?
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