Pitch Perfect 2: A Review

Well hello there!
Good morning! :)

Sorry I missed you all yesterday! I wanted to get a lot of work out of the way for my online course.

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You know when you eat something and someone asks how it is but you just kind of shrug? It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just “meh”. Or maybe you’re having a “meh” kind of day, where you want to get stuff done but you’re still so tired and drained from your lack of sleep last night?

Meh, just MEH.
Urban Dictionary defines it as, “Indifference; a verbal shrug”.

That’s how I felt about seeing the movie “Pitch Perfect 2″ on Monday night. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either.
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How-To Tuesday: Saving Your iPhone from Water Damage

**DISCLAIMER: This post is solely based on experience. I cannot vouch for the results used with other methods, but please feel free to try them if need be.**

NOTE TO SELF: Never put your phone in your back pocket before you have to pee.

Yeah, more on that in a sec…

But first, good morning everyone and Happy How-To Tuesday!!!! :)

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That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see your phone where it shouldn’t be – submerged in water – is certainly unpleasant, but not an uncommon experience.

I have good news: YOUR PHONE CAN BE SAVED!
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Happy Memorial Day! (And Some Oatmeal…)

Gooooood morning all!!!

Guess what, you DON’T have to work today. Well, most of you don’t. For those of you who do, I salute you.

And speaking of salute, Happy Memorial Day! :)

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You might be so focused on unplugging and decompressing over the next few days that something may have slipped your mind.

It’s today, remember?
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Stacked Saturday: 3-Ingredient Protein Pancakes (No, Really….)

Good mornin’, good mornin’, we’ve talked the whole night through
Good mornin’, good mornin’ to YOU!

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Okay come on, who’s seen “Singin’ In The Rain” before?!

*Raises both hands*.

It was one of my favorite movies growing up because Gene Kelly is such an amazing dancer! And Debbie Reynolds is probably the cutest person ever, even now.

Actually no, Betty White is the cutest person ever.
And she’s still going.

Bottom line, this pancake recipe will have you feeling like Gene, Debby, and Don do in the picture above. :)
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