How-To Tuesday: Baking Sweet Potatoes in the Microwave



ATTENTION: This post is for those of us who don’t mind being a little lazy with cooking every now and then. So that could potentially mean all of you….

Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking fancy meals, but sometimes I just want to come home and make dinner in about 5 minutes so I can sit down, eat it, and relax for about 2 seconds! Does this sound familiar?

Never fear! I’ve got a how-to for you today that will ensure a quick and easy side or entrée in under 7 minutes! LET’S GO! :)

Happy How-To Tuesday!!!

(Image Credit: The Cutting Back Kitchen)

I think I have an orange problem.
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Link-Love Saturday #10: The Oatmeal Artist

Gooooood morning all and happy Saturday!!

Man it’s pretty cold here, what about you? I’m expecting a surprise snowstorm any day now…nah just kidding!

(Image Credit)

Well, since it’s Saturday here at A Dancer’s Live-It, that means only one thing: LOTS of link-love!! :) Welcome to another Link-Love Saturday!

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