It’s Not Goodbye, It’s “Toodle-Loo”

Good morning all, and happy Thursday!! 🙂

Check out the cutie I found on my lawn at 7am……

It’s like she was posing for me or something.

Last night, I spent some quality time with a few good friends from high school as a “last hurrah” before we all go back to school. I forgot how much I missed them! Is it just me, or have your friends been scattered everywhere this summer too?!

When the time came for me to go, I had to once again say goodbye to a really good friend who I’ve known for 5 years now. Oddly enough, she’s my boyfriend’s sister! You’d think it would be awkward cause we’re the same age right?!


After assuring me that she’d visit and we’d stay more in touch this semester, I realized how much I hate saying goodbye to people I love. Who doesn’t right? For almost 4 years now, I’ve had to say goodbye to my boyfriend for a few months at a time because we both attend different colleges. Each time it gets just a little bit harder, but I try to remind myself that time will go by fast. (That never really works haha) But after experiencing distance, I know for a fact that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, it really does!

Now obviously it’s not goodbye forever, but I’m just awful at looking on the bright side in these situations!

This made me think: there are people we will never be able to say goodbye to, even if we have to leave. They are the ones we will make every last effort to stay close to, the people we will call and Skype with in the early morning hours to accommodate time zone differences. Even when you are about to leave, you imagine that you’ll see them just one more time, even if it’s just for a minute. However, there’s only one bright spot to this…

Now you have something to look forward to.

I’m notorious for counting down the days until I get to see him again, and this doesn’t really help, but as each day passes I know that I’m one day closer to that special reunion! 🙂 I love awaiting his arrival, and then seeing his handsome smiling face for the first time in months. I love the way kissing him for the first time in months feels. Alright I’m getting too sappy sorry….

Maybe this will sum it up:

Image Credit

Well said, Pooh.

And with that, I bid you goodbye my friends, but as Ethel Mertz says, “It’s not goodbye, it’s toodle-loo!”

Have a lovely Thursday 🙂

Question of the Day:
Do you have a hard time saying goodbye?

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