Why Good Friends Are the Best

Hey guys!! 🙂 I hope everyone is slowly waking up…Mondays yo…

Anyway, this was a reason for me to get up this morning and run…

Just a big comforting bowl of banana, peanut butter, and chocolate oats!! Adapted from The Oatmeal Artist’s recipe.

This was such a perfect way to recover from last night’s shenanigans with my crazy and awesome roommates. 🙂 Which reminds me, good friends are an important part of every individual’s life. You talk with them about every possible thing and share your deepest secrets. You enjoy spending time with them. I think most of you would agree that life would be quite boring without the addition of friends!

These are my top 5 reasons why good friends are simply the best:

  1. They love and care about you – These are the people who keep in mind your every small habit, choice, and need and try to fulfill the same. Their love and care know no bounds. Even if you meet after years, your friends will take care of your choices and love you in the same manner as they earlier used to do.
  2. They respect your differences – Friends are there with you in many crucial times of your life. Just as every person in this world is different, in the same manner, each of your friends is different from you in his/her tastes, choices, nature, etc. With all that variety of natures and behaviors, you gradually learn to respect your differences which is very essential in any point of life to adjust with anybody: colleague, partner or anyone else.
  3. They offer you a fresh perspective – Since no one is alike, the way you perceive a certain thing may be entirely different from how your friend perceives it. So, he/she offers you a new perspective to look at it. Any situation, issue, or problem can have many views and your friends open you to all of them.
  4. They boost your self-esteem and confidence – In any situation when you lose your confidence, your friends come to the rescue. They help you regain your lost self confidence and stand by your side to keep up your spirits and hopes. They cheer you up and help you face all your problems with confidence. So whenever you’re down, head towards your friends and see how they help you regain that lost confidence.
  5. They help you grow individually – Your friends help you grow as a person. They may or may not directly contribute to this but are a very important factor that leads to your personal growth.

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This is definitely true with my friends!! However, don’t feel like you have to change for them.

Be what you want. Be who you are. When you find people who will love you whether you’re an IRS auditor, a juggler in a creepy circus, or someone who is convinced their spirit animal is a Chihuahua, you’ve found some pretty cool friends. Love is love.

Have a marvelous Monday! XO 🙂

Question of the Day:
Do you like big groups of friends or a small intimate group?

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