Dealing With Change: Part 2

Hey everyone, good morning! 🙂

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Hope you’re all staying warm and cozy if it’s cold where you are! This week it’s going to be 70 all week and sunny….huge change from last week’s 50 shades of gray weather…by the way, my heart goes out to everyone in South Carolina right now and for those who lost their homes due to the terrible weather and flash-flooding.
Keep these people in your mind when you get annoyed about being cold after coming out of the shower, or your Wifi goes out, or the barista gets your coffee order wrong. This community has been devastated, count your blessings! 

If you’re confused about the title of today’s post, see Part 1 HERE. 

Well, it’s been 2 weeks since I wrote my last “Dealing With Change” post, and I can honestly say that I feel the same as I did the last time I wrote about this. Except this time I have a better head on my shoulders. 

Yes, I have to be weighed today. Yes, I’m dreading it. But that’s okay, because a number does not define who I am. Regardless of what it is, there are more things affecting my weight that I can’t control than things I can control. Stress, hormones, water, salt, etc….those are natural processes hat occur in everyone’s bodies, so I’m just going to let it go.

Change is inevitable. Change is always coming, and that’s something to think about.
Here’s what I’m learning:

Whether we look forward to a change or dread it, change triggers powerful effects in our bodies and our emotions (AKA “STRESS”). We can steer our lives into positive territory when we know how to deal with change. Dealing with change is not like a switch that is either on or off. It is like baking bread. (Of course I use a baking analogy!) There are many steps and ingredients. Both baking bread and dealing with change take time.

Choose to give positive meaning to life changes. Even if you’ve never moved your furniture, you still have the hair style you wore in high school (hopefully not), and you always the same lunch, you CAN thrive on change. Prepare to move with the changes because they are going to happen. No one’s life is free of change. And you wouldn’t like that person if it WAS free of change! Besides, you don’t want your life to be dull and boring right?

  • Change is a process
  • Re-frame the way you think about change
  • Breathe and be flexible

Easier said than done? Maybe.

But when you consciously choose to think this way, you experience a positive difference in how you deal with change. In any aspect of your life.

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Don’t forget to be happy and BE WELL. <3

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