Weekend Update: Performances, People, and a Party

Good morning everyone!!!!!!! 🙂

If I seem in really good spirits this morning it’s because today is MY LAST DAY OF CLASSES! 🙂

I cannot believe it’s over again. I’m halfway through my undergraduate degree.

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This past weekend was tiring, crazy, but awesome. Try being the Assistant Stage Manager AND a performer, it’s pretty stressful! But I’m happy to report that no major glitches happened during the show. 🙂

And then an amazing thing happened in our dance theater at the last show on Saturday night….

We ran out of seats.
Sold out.
No room whatsoever!

Apparently that’s never happened before at our theater, but how SWEET is that?! The seniors put together a fantastic show that I was so grateful to be a part of. Speaking of which, I’m going to miss most of the seniors so much. 🙁 It’s strange thinking about another new group of freshman coming in again…

But anyway, here are some picture highlights of the weekend! 🙂

Friday’s oats, which you should have seen already…;)

Saturday’s pancakes, which you also should’ve seen already!

A moment from one of the pieces I was in, “Label Me: Me.”
(Photo by: Bill H Photography)

(BH Photos)

Another moment!! 🙂

(BH Photos)

My choreographer framed this photo of me from a rehearsal and also gave me an oatmeal cookbook! 🙂 SHE KNOWS ME SO WELL.

I don’t have any performance photos from the other piece I was in, but I’ll definitely put them on the blog when I get them. 🙂

Of course there was an after party, and we danced all night long!!

Please take a moment today to stop and think about the people of Nepal. For those of you who don’t know, a massive earthquake struck them on Saturday and took away about 3000 lives.

Have a great day everyone! 🙂


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