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Whoop! Another Friday for the books! Why are we already halfway through July?! Seriously, time needs to slow down a bit.

But hey, we made it to the weekend, so it’s time to celebrate with some of my favorite things from the past 7 days! 🙂

Happy Top 3 Fridayyyyyy!!!

As always, I’m linking up with Kate, of The Domestikated Life, to bring you my “tops” of the week

I was clearly on a sweet kick last week, so this week I’m on a savory one! Enjoy!

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Top 3 Recipes

1. Low Carb Eggplant Lasagna with Turkey Meat Sauce Ambitious Kitchen
Don’t get me wrong, I’m ALL for traditional lasagna recipes, but this looks way too good to pass up.

Source: Ambitious Kitchen

2. Raw Cookie Dough–to eat with a spoon!Chocolate Covered Katie
The queen of healthy desserts has done it again with her infamous cookie dough dip…revisited and revamped! You know I’m making this ASAP. And you know you want to make this ASAP.

Source: CCK

3. Caprese Mac and Cheese Show Me The Yummy
It’s my favorite Italian salad in mac and cheese form! With the use of whole wheat rotini and THREE kinds of cheese, I’m gonna have a scoop, or two….or three…

Source: SMTY
Top 3 Lows

1. Mugginess. Let’s face it, curly hair and muggy weather do NOT mix. Whenever I step outside I can feel my hair expanding! The heat also drains me after being out for awhile, but luckily I have a choice. I feel so bad for the lifeguards at work! But hey, I can’t complain because I HATE being cold.
2. My 5:15am shift at work. Waking up at 4am though….oy vey! Thankfully I only have to do this one more time AND I’m a morning person, but 4am is a little too early for my brain haha! You wouldn’t believe how many older folks are at the gym door waiting for us to open at 5:30am! Early bird special, right? 😉 Seniors who still make time for exercise give me so much life and inspiration. Just proof that exercise is accessible to ANY age!
3. Careless drivers. I’m super conscious of it when I’m home because I don’t drive for more than half the year while I’m away at school. I really dislike when people think they own the road. Don’t cut in front of me when there’s clearly no time for it. I see you texting and driving. Stop swerving over to the shoulder too! Sorry, I needed to vent.

Top 3 Highs

1. BAKING. Or as I like to call them, my “Therapy Sessions.” 😉 I’ve been baking a lot the past week and it’s been absolutely wonderful. I made my Grandma’s biscotti and Amy’s cookies and brownies! If there’s flour on my shirt and cookie batter on my hands I’m a happy girl. 🙂

2. Girl’s night out! On Wednesday night I finally got together with a good friend from high school to catch up, have a glass of wine, and eat really good fries. It was WONDERFUL and I missed her! Sorry I didn’t take a picture of my Grilled Chicken Sandwich, but it was pretty dim in there.
3. Quiet mornings. I’m always the first one up in my house and I absolutely LOVE the serenity of early mornings with a cup of coffee and the sunshine beaming in. Nothin’ better than that!

Top 3 Instagrams

1. Say hello to my coffee creamer! This almond creamer from Silk is SO GOOD. I discovered it months ago and I’ve been using it ever since. I’m trying to get my mom on board because the stuff she uses is full of chemicals and junk. Sorry Mom, I know you love it! 😉

2. HAHA! I couldn’t help but laugh at this. I love punny things so this just made me literally laugh out loud.

3. My blogging friend Erin, of The Almond Eater, and her (new!) husband just went on their honeymoon in Italy. This gelato took me back to 3 summers ago when I got to visit Italy with my family.  Such an unforgettable trip, I hope they had a blast!

Top 3 Reads

1. I Didn’t Workout For Half A Year + Thoughts On Flexibility – Apple of My Eye
Such an important read for those of you who are burned out from exercise or need a break. NEWS FLASH: you won’t gain 5,000 pounds. Consider your mental health and wellbeing…is it really worth it to keep pushing and pushing yourself past the point of no return?
2. What’s Serving You? – Blissful Lyss
Another amazing and wise post by Alyssa. What’s serving you in your life right now? Is it affecting you positively or negatively? Lyss reminds us to get rid of the negative and accentuate the positive. MUST read!
3. How To Use Intimidating Gym Equipment – My Healthyish Life
Not sure how to get out of your comfort zone at the gym? Intimidated by big beefy guys in the weight room? Emily’s gotcha covered! She breaks everything down for you with helpful photos of the moves that she does, showing you that you CAN achieve your goals!

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BE WELL party people!

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